I have many places where I have used this in a schema.

class IAbc
attr1 = Object(schema=IAbc)

class Abc(object):
"""does some stuff but is usually an abstract class"""
implements (IAbc)

Where IAbc is actually meant to represent that any one of (let's say)
three different sub-classes of Abc would be acceptable for that

I think my approach is completely wrong but I do not understand all the
different cases to use implements, Provides, classImplements, etc.

so if I had:

class Def(Abc):

class Gbn(Abc):

class Xds(Abc):

What is the correct function to use and where so that when attr1 is
assigned a value it will be happy with an instance of Def, Gbn or Xds?

But nothing else?



Then attr1 above would be happy to accept 

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