Massimiliano della Rovere a écrit :
> Greetings.
> I'd like to ask you how to grant a role to an istance of a "User" object.
> Maybe my code has major errors, but I am still a newbie and I am using
> Zope3 for my thesis.
> In my application, when a User is created/deleted, I create/delete a
> Principal into/from the Principal Folder.
> It is not a sign-up scenario, the Users are created/deleted by a
> logged Principal with the "Administrator" role, who creates the
> account for the Users and picks a Role for them from the "Role Ids"
> vocabulary.
> An adapter is subscribed to (IUser, IObjectAdde/DeleteEvent); it
> extracts login, password and title (title is a sort of unique key that
> matches Principal and User) from the user to accomplish its task.
> My idea is that, when the visitor types his login and password and he
> is authenticated, he is automatically granted the Role assigned during
> the account creation.
> Here is the code responsible to granting the Role to the User
> @adapter( IUser, IObjectAddedEvent )
> def f( user, event):
> (...)
>     principal = InternalPrincipal( login=user.login,
> password=user.password, title=user.title )
>     prm = IPrincipalRoleManager( user )
>     prm.assignRoleToPrincipal( user.role, principal )
>     principalFolder[user.title] = principal
> the pau.authenticatorPlugins is the PrincipalFolder I create (and
> registerUtility) and populate in sync with the User addings/removals.
> the pau.credentialPlugins are "No Challenge if Authenticated" and
> "Session Credentials"
> Second question:
> is there an event to subscribe to that is triggered when a Principal
> is authenticathed?
> My need is to store the user.title in a Session annotation (I need it
> in various Viewlets)

You should already be able to access the principal from the request


> Thank you from a desperate student :)
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