After restarting the zope istance I receive the following error:
ImportError: No module named interfacce

(from mabon.interfacce import IScheda)

Using the same layout of von Weitershausen book, I have a browser
package containing the equivalent of mabon.browser.recipe package.
When I import the equivalent of the IRecipe from the file interfacce
(interfaces) in the main package, I receive an error telling me that
the interfacce package does not exist!
File "/home/mader/Zope3/lib/python/mabon/browser/configure.zcml", line 14.1-19.3
from mabon.interfacce import IScheda
ImportError: No module named interfacce

I checked that both the browser and the mabon (main) packages contain
the, but what is really strange is that I use that the
program was working, I hit CTRL-c to restart the zope istance and now
I get the error.

Can you all help me, please? What could be the cause of such an error?
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