I'm currently using TextIndexNG (release 3.2, I think...) to index
documents in a Zope3 application.
Indexed documents are multi-linguals ; I've created one index for each
field and each language, because all fields are not indexed in the same
way (for example, I use stopwords on documents contents but not on

Everything is **nearly** fine, except for one thing : in french, I have
to index a word like (for example) " l'eau " ; the important word is
"eau" here so, so while searching on title I would like to get a result
while entering query "eau" as well as " l'eau ".
Actually, none of them is working !

I tried to debug a bit, and noticed (if I'm not wrong), that :
 - it's the word " leau " which is computed for indexing
 - but the query " l'eau " is not modified while searching.

I suppose that all this is a splitter/stopwords problem, but I can't
manage to make this work correctly so any help would be greatly

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