I wanted to use a Dict-schema for mapping a Date to a Bool (in my case 
an on/off-status).
Everything works fine, except the Dict.
I bin/runzope (works)
try to 'Add' an object and get the following error on the console:

File "/usr/local/www/Zope3/lib/python/zope/component/_api.py", line 103, 
in getMultiAdapter
    raise ComponentLookupError(objects, interface, name)
ComponentLookupError: ((<zope.schema._field.Dict object at 0x2a87afac>, 
<zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance 
<InterfaceClass zope.app.form.interfaces.IInputWidget>, u'')

I can't find a bug in my code and tried to check the Implementation of 
the 'Dict'-Schema (zope.schema.dict inherits from Iterable, which is 
imported to _field.py from _bootstrapfields.py; Iterable inherits from 
container, container from Field).
I found a mail from Frank Burkhardt on this mailinglist:
is this still applicable? (it's nearly 2 Years old)
And if, how can I use it?
Greets from Germany,
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