Benji York wrote:

> You should produce a small, self-contained example of the problem so it
> can be evaluated.  My suspicion is a bug in your buildout config rather
> than buildout itself, but I can't tell from here. the situation is
Here I cannot "from zope.viewlet.interfaces import IviewletManager".
This is because  zope.viewlet-3.4.2-py2.5.egg and
zope.contentprovider-3.4.0-py2.5.egg are missing from
bin/xv_kgs-debug. If I add these manually I get over the problem. This
is not the way it should be.

These eggs are listed in the buildout.cfg file as these were copied from the
buildout.cfg snippet

The list of eggs in the buildout.cfg and those in the bin/paster and
its friends have to be same as this is generated by buildout.


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