On Tuesday 07 April 2009, Roger Ineichen wrote:
> > It'd be nicer if z3c.form would catch the error and return
> > field.missing_value or something like that. As it stands, if
> > this happens with a content object, it's impossible to reach
> > the edit form and fix the value!
> This is a legacy data problem. Such data need to get migrated
> by a generation if a value is no longer valid.

No, it is not. The legacy data problem is a special case.

What if your list of choices depends on constantly changing data? For example, 
a widget allows you to select a user from a userfolder. Later the user gets 
deleted. Just because you selected the user before, the form should not fail.

I totally agree with Martin that we should use missing_value in those cases.

I think this could actually be considered a fairly serious bug.

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