Hello everybody,

I'm building a small web app by using the great grok.zope.org.

This is what I want to do:

An ldap-user login, do something (change password etc) and logout. No
data will be stored in the zodb, all changes are made in ldap.

So far so good, all works fine. I'm using ldappas and ldapadapter as an
PAU for zope3.

Just a small problem, maybe someone can help me.

Every login and logout, the ZODB grow about 300Byte. After some logins,
the ZODB is getting bigger and bigger, and I have to pack it manually.

I would like to miss this packing. I have many users with many
logins/logout every day. so the ZODB is growing fast.

I'm not a great programmer and have not a deep look in zope3. All what I
know is that a principal will be created after login and some roles are
added to this principal.

Anyone an idea what part of the zope3 code should I take a look, so the
zodb is not growing by using the ldap-pau?

Thanks for your help
Jens from germany

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