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> Hello,
> i created the permissions in my permissions.zcml, mapped them to roles
> in roles.zcml, and included the files in the configure.zcml. But after
> restarting zope, i still cant see anything interesting on the "grants"
> page. What am i missing?
> Additionally i dont understand how to use the pau. After setting it up,
> i have no idea, how i can use it to log in and out. When i click the
> "login" link, i only can log in as manager.
> Could you please give me a hint, where i can continue learning? (in
> which file is the pau documented?)
> thanks for answering my (probably) quite nooby questions. Kai

I would recommend you to have a look at the doctests, which describe the PAU 
in detail:, README.txt and other .txt files.

What will also help you is Philipps book, as the basics, (what is a principal 
etc.) is explained there.

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