Am 18.05.2009 um 21:16 schrieb John:

> ah, i see from that since  
> zopeproject's buildout.cfg defaults to "newest=false", the "-n"  
> option is needed to update any modules.  i need to learn buildout.

Good plan. :)

> that fixed all conflicts and exceptions.  now i see z3c, but no  
> "Modules and Subpackages" below it (unlike the many packages below  
> zope and other links), even tho i added z3c.form, z3c.formui, and  
> z3c.formjs to the file.  maybe the z3c packages dont  
> declare themselves to be apidoc-able?

I saw them here. Did you add z3c.form to src/proj/configure.zcml as  
you described in your first mail?

> buildout did give this error several times:
> Download error: unknown url type: svn -- Some packages may not be  
> found!

This is not a problem. Some people used URLs starting with 'svn://' as  
home page oder download URL in pypi, which buildout can't use.

> but buildout claimed that it "Got" versions of each of the 3  
> packages i specified (and several dependencies as well).

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