I got it to work.  I learned a couple things:  

1) The ZMI doesn't work for beans in's virtually unusable, and
2) The object wants the default view to be named index.html, which makes
some sense now that I have a better understanding of things.

What I _wanted_ to do was define multiple views for an object.  Zope is
perfectly happy to let you do that.  Then you realize, how can an object
have more than one default view?  It's no different than Zope2 in that
respect and why would it be?  If I wanted an XML view for an object I made
an object, set the content-type and delivered the proper data, if I wanted
the same data returned as JSON it required a different object, it's just the
same here. 

So unless I am still missing something, I can move on. And thanks for the


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Am 05.06.2009 um 19:38 schrieb Jeffrey D Peterson:
> I click on those in the ZMI or if I browse to them at:
> I get "The page that you are trying to access is not available"


put a Pdb into the __call__ method of your views to see whether they  
are called and do not raise an exception. (Which later on gets masked  
by the message you get displayed.)

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