this is my first post to this group. I hope someone can help me. I have
the following problem using Zope 3.4:
I have created a simple handler using the @adapter decorator and
register it in the local site manager. The handler works fine but the
ZMI tab showing the sites' registrations crashes with a
ComponentLookupError in HandlerRegistration. The message comes from
@@registrations.html and it appears that my handler should have
This however, requires a class. So I created a class with a __call__
method, but I cannot even get it to work as a global handler... :-(
Can anyone explain how to register a handler in the local sitemanager
without crashing the ZMI registrations tab? Even a simple handler in a
class using implements/adapts with ZCML configuration in stead of the
usual @adapter decorator approach would be very helpful.
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