Is there an easy way to use the interactive shell as though I were the
logged in admin user?

Following the documentation for z3c.form on Custom Widgets, I try the following:

from z3c.form import testing, form, field
from z3c.form.testing import TestRequest
request = TestRequest()

from z3c.form.browser import text

class MyWidget(text.TextWidget):
        """My new widget."""
        klass = u'MyCSS'

def MyFieldWidget(field, request):
        """IFieldWidget factory for MyWidget."""
        return widget.FieldWidget(field, MyWidget(request))

class MyEditForm(form.EditForm):
        fields = field.Fields(IPerson)
        fields['name'].widgetFactory = MyFieldWidget

myEdit = MyEditForm(root[u'srichter'], TestRequest())

I get "root" is not defined.  So I figured out something like this...

root = request.globs.get('root')

If I try again, I get a KeyError (also if I use "admin").  In fact,
the root Folder object doesn't have anything in it at all.  (If I log
in through the ZMI, I have added some objects.)

Is there a more correct way to get the root folder?  And to run these
tests from the prompt, can I do so as though I was logged in (like I
do through the ZMI)?

Somewhat related, everytime I use the interactive prompt, I copy/paste
from bin/ to set the path to include all my buildout
eggs folders.  Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks again.

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