At one of our client installations, we faced the following:

  File "C:\python24\lib\site-packages\ZODB\FileStorage\FileStorage.py", line 173
5, in read_index
    name, pos)
  File "C:\python24\lib\site-packages\ZODB\FileStorage\FileStorage.py", line 52,
 in panic
    raise CorruptedTransactionError(message)
ZODB.FileStorage.FileStorage.CorruptedTransactionError: %s data record exceeds t
ransaction record at %s

We are using zope 3.3.1.The database size at this point is around 36
GB.  Because of this situation, the ZOPE instance isn't starting up
anymore. On doing some search, we found about
lib/python/ZODB/fsrecover.py.  It seems like, it removes some damaged
transactions and may result in data loss.

It would be really helpful if other people who have faced this before
could share their experiences. Are there some precautions which can be
taken care of to ensure that this doesn't happen?

Right now our client is running fsrecover.py on the data.fs file. We
don't yet what will be the result of this.

With regards,
- Shailesh
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