2009/9/22 Thierry Florac <tflo...@ulthar.net>:
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> Le lundi 21 septembre,
>  Paul Wilson <paulalexwil...@gmail.com> a écrit :
>> I'm writing a web service that presents objects that additionally
>> contain metadata in the form of annotations. I want clients to be able
>> to manipulate (GET/PUT) this information without retrieving the whole
>> item.
>> I was wondering if Zope provides a method for traversing to the
>> annotations on such an object, or if I will be required to write a
>> custom traverser for my published objects that is aware of my
>> annotations, instead?
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> I don't think that Zope3 provides such a traverser "out of the box".
> But you can have a look at z3c.traverser package, which provides easy
> ways to implement new traversing plugins.

I'm actually using grok, which has the grok.Traverser facility which I
think should do the trick.

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