Hello all Zope Users!
We are trying to decide on a Zope platform for, say, the next five years.
We have developed small products on Zope2 and Zope3 between 2000 and 2008,
and in Grok over the past couple of years, off and on.
We are looking to build as per customer requirements, and it would be
common sense to choose the platform as per requirement. However, with a
small team size, we can't spread ourselves thin over the three
platforms...Pyramid, Django and GAE also keep beckoning....

We have seven revivable products in Zope2 (2.6 - 2.10), including one in
Plone. Some of them do not open in Zope 2.11...
Some of them use DTML for no reason now discernable.
Some of them use a very old version of ZODB.

We have one big product in Zope 3.3.  Can we attempt converting it from
Zope 3 to Zope2?

We have no real work done in Grok, but there is a level of familiarity with
it. Newer members of the team know neither Zope2 nor Zope3.

Making use of our past work is an important criterion for us. Training new
team members is another...

What other things must we keep in mind when deciding on the platform? Any
pointers would help.

Sorry for this rambling question.
Thanks in advance for your answers.

Milind Khadilkar
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