Le 12/12/2012 09:39, Jeroen Michiel a écrit :
Thanks for the reply!

I already tried
every minute, but that didn't help: I only saw the memory usage dropping the
first time, but never after.

I changed the code to what you suggested, but it still doesn't seem to help.
Something must be wrong somewhere along the line, but I don't have a clue
where to begin looking.
Would using something like guppy (or heapy, or what it's called) reveal

Could it be something about objects with circular references not being able
to be garbage-collected?
The objects in my DB are quite complex, so something like that might
actually be happening.


my suggestions might be silly, but in case… :

1- is that that you modify a lot of objects (and big objects) in which case savepoints may not save you (as my wild guess is that savepoints will only drop objects participating in computation but not modified). If it's just re-indexing it's strange as the only thing changing would normally be the index.

2- if it's a kind of migration for your database, do you really need to have it done in one transaction. Could you save your database, run your migration in multiple commit (transaction.commit() instead of transaction.savepoint()) then if it goes wrong, restore old file and if it's ok, well it's ok :-)

Hope it helps,


Alexandre Garel
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