dear Chris!

I think you have lost the subject, I didn't ask you about proxy and wsgi
configurations as well for any zope consultants or how old bluebream is.

I was simply asking where to get the wsgi environment variable as dict
requested by the WebOb constructor at object creation.

If you don't know how to answer this technical question, then simply
don't respond to the mail.


> In my situation, I run a small internet company, I have way way too much
> complexity to manage.  I suspect that this is for a very low traffic
> website, in which case there is no point worrying about performance
> optimizations. The simplest solution is to
> run it behind a reverse proxy server, then you avoid this whole problem
> of wsgi configuration. Which web server do I recommend?  Cherokee.  Then
> you
> have a nice web gui for configuring the reverse proxy, and you get rid
> of some more complexity.
> If that does not solve your problems, I know a zope consultant and
> another zope consulting company that I sometimes use that I can
> recommend to help you.
> Regards
> Chris
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