I've attached a startup script that I use on my RedHat 6.2
installation.  You'll want to change the path /stor/zope/current to the
directory where you have Zope installed.  That probably should have been
a variable.  The Zope process will be owned as "nobody" so that user
needs write permission to the var directory and its contents to create
PID files and update the Data.fs. 

Install the file to /etc/rc.d/init.d as "zope" and then you can use
linuxconf to control whether or not the "zope" service is started when
the system boots.

One other thing -- You have to make sure that the server does not run in
debug mode (by passing -D to z2.py in the start script), or your boot
sequence will hang.


Bill Anderson wrote:
> Adam Karpierz wrote:
> >
> > >Hello
> > >
> > >A friend reports he cannot start zope automatically at boot on his new
> > Linux
> > >RedHat installation, but that it works fine when he does it manually from
> > >shell prompt.

Doug Hellmann
Director of Portal Development
# Startup script for the Zope Application Server
# chkconfig: 345 85 15
# description: Zope is a web-based Application server.
# processname: z2.py
# pidfile: /stor/zope/current/var/Z2.pid
# config: /stor/zope/current/var/Data.fs

# Source function library.
. /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions

# See how we were called.
case "$1" in
        echo -n "Starting zope: "
        daemon /stor/zope/current/start
        touch /var/lock/subsys/zope
        echo -n "Shutting down zope: "
        #killproc httpd
        rm -f /var/lock/subsys/zope
        rm -f /stor/zope/current/var/Z2.pid
        status z2.py
        $0 stop
        $0 start
        echo "Usage: $0 {start|stop|restart|status}"
        exit 1

exit 0

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