Ulrich Wisser wrote:
> The path is used by the browser, not Zope. IE and Netscape
> will store your login/password to send it with every GET request
> which is in the path, e.g.:
> authenticate on /      -> path is /     -> all request will be with auth info
> authenticate on /sub   -> path is /     -> see above
> authentivate on /sub/  -> path is /sub/ -> only request with /sub/ will be
>                                            with auth info
> But all this is done by the browser.
> I believe the folder object should give a trailing "/" as absolute url.

In that case, you're right :-)

However, any Zope object can potentially have sub-objects or attributes.
As far as a browser is concerned, the any zope object can look like a
folder at some point. Add acquisition into the mix, and you can make a
URL to a valid object have other stuff on the end to an arbitrary

Therefore, your suggestion above should apply to just about all URLs
Zope receives. If Zope receives a request for "/spam/spam/foo" it should
always issue a redirect (or whatever code it should be) to
"/spam/spam/foo/" -- regardless of whether foo is of Folder type,
ObjectManager type or DTML method type, or whatever.

Are there any downsides to having this behaviour for all objects/all

Or perhaps there could be some kind of per-path switch inside Zope that
turns the redirect behaviour on or off.

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