> Just wondering if Zope.org is an appropriate site for alpha testing
> software when it should be show casing Zope technology.
> One gets a bad impression when visiting the site of a web server company
> to find the web server down :-(

Ever been to Dell.com? Dell, as you know is one of the biggest users of
Windows 2000 and MSQL 7.0 for their website. They have tens if not hundreds
of servers. 

On several occasions, while surfing around the support site looking to fix
one Dell problem the site starts giving ODBC SQL error after error.
Everything just stops working (IE 5.0 on NT 4.0 SP6a). This is at least
three times in the last month.

Bank of America, the second largest bank in the country (and my bank) has
been known to go down for a whole weekend on a few occasions with nothing
more than a splash page to say "tough."

Wouldn't you assume that with millions of dollars in hardware/software and
hundreds of developers they could keep a website up? Nope.

Zope.org, as you might not know is run on a machine that costs under $1,200
and has a better uptime than both the above examples. Lets cut DC a little
slack on this one and realize that when you are running on one machine, you
do have to bring things down once in awhile.

DC also walks the walk. They use, love, embrace, support and pound on Zope.
Bringing Zope to ZEO is a great idea and we should have it no other way. At
least they are not Hotmail (owned by MS) and running on FreeBSD!


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