Shalabh Chaturvedi wrote:

> What I want to do is create: (creator : creatorName)
> And use http://url/FilterCreator?creatorName=shalabh
> Currently ZTopic does not allow me to create an object like above as it tries
> to evaluate the query at creation time.
> I have modified my local copy of ZTopics to do what I need. Now I have an extra
> checkbox that allows creation of 'parameterized' ZTopics. When it is checked,
> caching is turned off and REQUEST is also looked up during construction of the
> query at run time.
> Does anyone else find this useful? I know this product is unsupported but is it
> possible (or worth it) to submit this as a patch?
> Are there other products that might achive the same (any kind of 'search
> objects' or 'canned queries')?

This sounds interesting. How would this end up being
different from doing a ZCatalog search, though?

In any case, You probably want to submit a patch to Amos


Michael Bernstein.

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