Just thought I would let people know that ZTopics 1.0 and the Zope
2.2.0 alpha (and the CVS version of Zope it appears) do not play nice

As long as you use standard zope item properties, or non-ZClass
objects, it works fine. However, try to use any ZClass items and
'additional' properties, and it fails on an attribute error regardin

o Create catalog, call it 'Catalog'
o Give a DTML Document a property of 'TopicName', value of 'Testing'
o Add the property to the index and metadata tables in the catalog
o Add the DTML Document to the catalog (via find)
o Create A ZTopic give it a search for 'Testing' (with quotes!) in the
TopicName field
o Look at your ZTopic. it should appear fine.

o Now create a ZClass, inherit from 'ZCatalog: CatalogAware'
o Give it an index_html method to see something when you look at it
o Give it a propertysheet, and a property 'TopicName'

o Create an instance of your ZClass, make sure it has 'Testing' as the
value for TopicName.
o Now look at your ZTopic. All will not be well; it will gripe about
the Vocabulary.
o Now change the query to meta_type, and for whatever your ZClass'
metatype is

Now look at your ZTopic folder, all should be well.

If anyone has a fix, I would appreciate it (and am sure Amos would
accept a patch, I am looking into that part of it myself, but have
gotten a bit turned around and may have to shelve it for the night :-(

Bill Anderson

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