In article <p04310103b54cde3dbe12@[]>, J. Atwood
>As for the database, MySQL is hands down the fastest, but certainly not the most 
>robust in terms of features. Oracle is great if you have $10,000 and a full time 
>DBA but PostgreSQL 7.0 is really your best bet. You might also want to take the 
>money you were going to spend on the DB2 and put it right back into DB1 and 
>house everything there. Just get a beefy machine, RAID it up for redundancy and 
>call it a day.

It may be the way I designed my site, but if the database serving
SQLSessions had to be taken down for maintenance, my site became

Based upon this experience, I would therefore now prefer to use
different database engines for the main database and for the session
tables.  And since for sessions, all you really want is speed without
any fancy SQL transactions, then MySQL for the session data seems an
appropriate use.

Session tables wouldn't have to be too big as you could run ZScheduler
to remove expired sessions.

Regards,  Graham Chiu
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