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> >As for the database, MySQL is hands down the fastest, but certainly not the most
> >robust in terms of features. Oracle is great if you have $10,000 and a full time
> >DBA but PostgreSQL 7.0 is really your best bet. You might also want to take the
> >money you were going to spend on the DB2 and put it right back into DB1 and
> >house everything there. Just get a beefy machine, RAID it up for redundancy and
> >call it a day.

> And since for sessions, all you really want is speed without
> any fancy SQL transactions, then MySQL for the session data seems an
> appropriate use.

I seem to recall from the MySQL vs Postgres thread a while ago that
MySQL was fastest in mostly-reading situations, whereas Postgres was far
better when there is quite a lot of writing as well as reading.

If this is true, the Postgres should be a better choice for a
session-data DBMS.

Of course, the *right* way to find out is to run a benchmark :-)

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