// > DTML Method that calls the External Method:
// > <dtml-var standard_html_header>
// > <h2><dtml-var title_or_id></h2>
// >    <dtml-let cmdLine="'./websim'">
// >      <dtml-var "ExecCGI(cmdLine)">
// >    </dtml-let>
// > <dtml-var standard_html_footer>
// Geez, this is a pretty bad idea security-wise.  Your xCGI Python
// function has a docstring and is therefore web-callable, so basically
EEK!  You're right!  OK, that's fixed for now, but I thought I saw in this
mailing list that an external method was required to have a docstring.  What
role does the docstring play, exactly?  My ultimate goal is to be able to
run the C++ program from Zope, returning the results to a Zope generated web
page.  In your opinion, what's the best way to do that?
// > /usr/local/Zope/lib/python/Products/ExternalMethod/ExternalMethod.py,
// > line 248, in __call__
// >     (Object: ExecCGI)
// >     (Info: (('./websim',), {}, None))
// >   File /usr/local/Zope/Extensions/ExecCGI.py, line 11, in xCGI
// > TypeError: (see above)
// I *think* this error message is telling you that it can't format the
// status code as an integer in your raise statement.  Why don't you take
// out your status checking code and see what happens.
I tried taking out the status code stuff and it didn't help.

Am I on the right track with this?  Shouldn't it be easy (& secure) to
launch a C app on the server and pipe the results back to Zope?  If so, how.
The approach I took (above) was recomended by someone else on the list.

Thanks for your help, Chris!


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