Here is a ZSQL Method (called insert_author) which inserts into a 
PostgreSQL table which has a serial column called author_id.


Query Template
insert into author
'<dtml-var surname sql_quote>',
'<dtml-var search_name sql_quote>',
'<dtml-var "_.string.upper(initials)" sql_quote>',
'<dtml-var "_.string.capwords(known_name)" sql_quote>',
'<dtml-var user_id>',
'<dtml-var notes>')
<dtml-var sql_delimiter>
select currval('author_author_id_seq')

Note that we don't insert anything into the serial column author_id since 
PostgreSQL puts that in for you.

Here is the schema for that table

CREATE TABLE author ( author_id serial, surname text, search_name text, 
initials text, known_name text, user_id int4, notes text

And here is a snippet from a dtml method which performs the insert and 
retrieves the value of author_id for the row just inserted.

    <dtml-in insert_author>
       <dtml-call expr="REQUEST.set('author_id',currval)">
    Author_id is <dtml-var author_id>

This assumes all the arguments to insert_author (that is surname, user_id 
etc) have already been set up from a form or in some other way.



At 23:22 20/05/00 -0400, you wrote:
>This is going to be a long winded questions.
>Ok I have been hacking around with Zope and Pgsql for awhile now.
>I am trying to learn both at the same time, not any easy task, I don't
>know SQL that well. I learn by doing ,and this is really fun, kinda like
>digital puzzle of sorts. So any way I set up a database in pgsql to hold
>contact information. This was no small task for me, like I said, I am
>new to SQL.
>I did discover a neat way to use CREATE VIEW foo AS SELECT that is not
>in the book though. Anyway the PRIMARY KEY for the table of names is a
>SERIAL type, all other tables such as phone numbers and addresses use
>REFERENCES to this KEY. The database works quite well, I think I have it
>normalize as much as need be (bare with me I am still learning). Now on
>to Zope
>I have Zope all set, and I can run all your standard SELECT, INSERT,
>UPDATE stuff.
>But I have one hitch,  I can't seem to figure out how to make it so an
>end user
>could add a name and email address without knowing about the PKEY
>number. This is no problem for a DBA but I want to make it easy for
>anyone to INSERT and UPDATE records. Did I make a bad design choice in
>use unique numbers to glue all the tables together. Is this an interface
>problem. Am I missing something. I need some help. Can someone point me
>in the right direction please?
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Richard Moon

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