> > My URL references to Apache
> > example:
> > http://margo.pla.fr/intra/machin.html
> >
> > and I want to use httpd.conf to transform it (only for html and htm
> > files)
> > in
> >
> > http://margo.pla.fr/intra/?machin.html (which is my ZServer)
> >
> > Does someone know the rewrite I sould use.... regular expression are a
> > mistery for me....
> does "intra" represent that it should be represented by zserver? if so,
> RewriteRule ^/intra/(.*)htm  /intra/?$1htm
> RewriteRule ^/intra/(.*)html /intra/?$1html

Well, thanks mindlace, it helps, in fact, now, I use the following line:
RewriteRule        ^(^([^/]*/)*)([^/]*\.html)$  http://newhost:8080$1?$3
(this line should be usefull for those who want to redirect any *.html URL
to your ZServer)

which change the URL like I want. The problem is that it makes a redirect,
and all my relative addresses in the page are changed too (for instance, my
.gif are served by zope too, and I don't want to!)

To be clearer,  what my product do is:

I address Apache, with for instance:

then, Apache change the URL to:
http://margo.ina.fr:8080/intra/?index.html  (8080 is my ZServer port)

my zope product construct a new page with informations from the "intra"
folder, go and search the file ../intra/index.html on the disk, insert it
to the builded page (by reading the file) and serve it.

The problem is that by doing that, as in the HTML pages, paths are
relatives, the redirection change all the relative address to the port 8080
(because the final served URL is on this port), and I want my Images to be
served by apache....

(I hope I am clear, but it is hard to explain in an email).
A solution would be to write absolute URL for my images, but I am not
allowed to do it.....

so, I try....... to use Apache not to redirect, but to go and search the
result of http://margo.ina.fr:8080/intra/?index.html, in a way which would
be transparent to the browser....(the printed URL would keep the Apache
one), and I have to say that untill now, I don't manage to do it...

Well..... thanks for your attention


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