Kindest sir, 

I have a small question I hope someone could share some wisdom
with. I am not that familiar with the various objects available
within the Zope framework yet.

.. I have made a ZCatalog which works seamlessly for text only
searches etc. However; I need to search on a date basis on the
generated object in the ZCatalog.

For now my "date" entry/column is [string] coded.. not "date"
as would be apropriate? How can I use date .. and then make
a search to get the last 5 entries in a table?

.. shows some possible ways to do this; but I can't seem to get
them to work properly;

    <dtml-comment> Items modified in the last 14 days
    <dtml-in "Catalog(bobobase_modification_time=_.DateTime(date)-14,
      New item:
      <dtml-var "Catalog.getpath(data_record_id_)"><br>

.. does anyone have any information on how they have used this
and gotten it to work? .. and might have an example or two? ;) 

What exactly does the various elements in the above example do?
.. like "Catalog(bobobase_modification_time=_.DateTime(date)-14,
              bobobase_modification_time_usage='range:min')" ??

.. mm .. any input? ;) 

Thanks in advance.. 

Jørgen Skogstad

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