On Tue, 23 May 2000, you wrote:
>> hi all, I'm currently experimenting with zope and noodling with
>> python....can anyone give me an answer on these?
>> Python is beautiful (nearly as beautiful as Prograph (but that's another
>> story)).
>>  I'm a BIG fan of human readable code, I loved HyperCard and
>> pathelogically refused to get my head past Perl. But there a few
>> irritants that I really need to know why they're there.
>>     1. ":" This smacks of geek...surely the interpreter could figure out
>> if this wasn't there...couldn't it? Surely there's a workaround for
>> someone like me. Isn't there? What if I "promised" never to write
>> one-line functions, could I do without it then?
>>     2."elif" Boy this is awkward, I though "elseif" was bad but "elif"
>> !! Can I use/implement alternatives "elseif" would be a start "else if"
>> would be better...more natural.
>> I love the fact that with Python it's OK (nay encouraged) to document
>> code. I can live with the "__whatever__" methods but ":" and "elif" are
>> so ugly that as I'm showing someone how cool Python is, I get
>> embarrased...and make excuses....along the lines of...."yes, yes, I
>> know, but look how easy it is to create a subclass of Animal..."
>> cheers
>> tom

Even if the elif was not there, there would be something else to complain about
it.  My advise take the bad with the good.  Also,  there is more power in the
"else" , for example, you can do an else to a "for" statement - which is nice
and can't even be done in C.


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