> Well, reading your mail tells me that you are looking at Zope for the first 
> time today. :) 

Actually, it's been about a week.  Feel dumb now.

> REQUEST - contains all cookies, form data and HTTP variables. You can see 
> what it contains using <dtml-var REQUEST>. It acts like a python dictionary.

Ahh, <dtml-var REQUEST> is just what I needed.

> RESPONSE - allows you to send non HTML HTTP responses, like setting cookies 
> or sending redirects.

Yes, but how?  Like, I found this in Confera:
is resp the same as RESPONSE?  More generally, upon seeing code like that,
do I just need to track down setCookie wherever it's defined, or is there
a discription of all this stuff somewhere?

> I use UserDB right now and it works fine for me. But I have read many times 
> that GUF is good.

Okay, I just got UserDB, and when I hit the 'Add User Db' page there's no
database connection to select, then I get an error that there's no

I need three things: user logins that are manageable by the users,
threaded message boards, and polls.  Polls were easy.  For the message
board I've played with Squishdot, Confera, and ZDiscussions, and none is
quite right.  Actually, Confera looks close, but it throws errors on
multi-line postings and dies if I so much as touch one of its
files.  Users I'm totally lost on.  I have these specific functional
requirements for a demo that's due RSN, which will determine whether our
company considers Zope for this project.


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