I posted this on ZDP but I thought I should put it here too.

Chris Withers wrote:
> Maik Roeder wrote:
> > The ZDP project has got another server than the main Zope site, and
> > there are only a few spare time developers working on this site. If
> > we could work together with Digital Creations and perhaps on the
> > same server as Zope.org, things would be much easier !
> I'm inclined to agree, why have a ZD portal when you could just have a
> Zope portal...
> > The ZDP has "only" got
> > the aim to point to existing stuff. Restructuring the existing docs
> > is not our job.
> Maybe it should be? How about rebuilding zope.org as a generic 'Zope
> Portal' with the building and documenting work being done more by the
> community? (ie: integrating ZDP and Zope.org)

You got it.  I think that the ZD portal and Zope.org should be
seamlessly integrated.  More to the point, I have the authority to make
it happen on DC's end.  I am *very* interested in integrating the
community's effort more completely into Zope.org.

Furthermore, this *is* a major part of what I need to do with Zope.org. 
It is, indeed, part of my Job Description:

4. Use direct assistance, tight documentation integration, collaborative
tools and appropriate koans to provide a path to Zope Zen: a gentle
learning curve that takes participants from novice DTML work to hacking
zope internals

So I *do* have time to help with this, and I don't imagine my employer
will give me flack :)

I will admit that I am not exactly up to speed on who's doing what with
ZDP, nor am I trying to impose a vision.

So what do you folks think?

ethan mindlace fremen
Zopista Community Liason

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