That should work. You could try either to return the query object directly (in
comments they say it is possible),
and make sure that there are no spaces in the string returned from database.
I was solving similar problem with PostgreSQL, when the username field was
defined as CHAR(20), it always returned 20 characters regardless of the actual
length of the username, the username was padded with spaces. Switching to
VARCHAR solved my problem.
Or you could try to strip the username.

Michal Bukovjan

"Mabe, Brad" wrote:

> Greetings,
> I am having problems with GUF authentication after including a call to a sql
> method from within the GUF supplied userList method.  I have GUF installed
> correctly, and able to authenticate from a static list of users I created in
> the userList method. When I attempt to call a sql method from within
> userList, all authentications fail.  Even for the list of static users.
> My sql method, "SQL_get_users", is very simple:
> select user_account from user
> My modified userList Method is as follows:
> <dtml-in SQL_get_users>
> <dtml-var user_account>
> </dtml-in>
> jorge
> fred
> mongo
> I have verified that the sql method returns users by selecting the
> "User_list" tab from within the acl_users folder. I have tried numerous
> things, but I cannot get any of the users to authenticate after adding the
> <dtml-in> statement.  If I comment out the <dtml-in> statement, the users
> jorge, fred, and mongo can once again authenticate.  At first I thought
> maybe one of the sql method supplied users was conflicting with either
> jorge, fred, or mongo in some way so I took out the <dtml-var user_account>
> line, essentially calling the sql method but not returning anything from it.
> Still couldn't authenticate anyone.
> Has anyone been successful in getting GUF userList to work with a sql
> method?  I have read through hippys how-to and think I have done everything
> he has suggested.
> Systems specifics are:
> Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 server, service pack 5
> Zope version 2.1.6
> GUF version 1.2.2
> Microsoft Access 2000
> Any help at this point will be appreciated.  I'm really pulling my hair out
> over this.
>        -=Brad=-
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