> > The ZDP has "only" got
>> > the aim to point to existing stuff. Restructuring the existing docs
>> > is not our job.
>> Maybe it should be? How about rebuilding zope.org as a generic 'Zope
>> Portal' with the building and documenting work being done more by the
>> community? (ie: integrating ZDP and Zope.org)
>You got it.  I think that the ZD portal and Zope.org should be
>seamlessly integrated.  More to the point, I have the authority to make
>it happen on DC's end.  I am *very* interested in integrating the
>community's effort more completely into Zope.org.

Good. We (=zdp list) pleaded various times for an integration of ZDP and
Zope documentation.

>Furthermore, this *is* a major part of what I need to do with Zope.org.
>It is, indeed, part of my Job Description:
>4. Use direct assistance, tight documentation integration, collaborative
>tools and appropriate koans to provide a path to Zope Zen: a gentle
>learning curve that takes participants from novice DTML work to hacking
>zope internals
>So I *do* have time to help with this, and I don't imagine my employer
>will give me flack :)
>I will admit that I am not exactly up to speed on who's doing what with

Neither are we, and moreover everything there is in a flux. We called it
comfortable anarchy when ZDP just started, and so it's stayed ever since.

>nor am I trying to impose a vision.
>So what do you folks think?

1) I have pleaded before for ownership of several documentation efforts. We
now have something called maintainers on the ZDP site (Maik overall
maintenance, ZBook Tom Deprez I suppose, Kamon Ayeva - hm, something else,
and me ZSnippets). Perhaps ownership is taking it to far, but a bit of
coordination left and right and (taking initiatives for) setting priorities
would do much good. So far, no one is inclined to take responsability for
more than a part, though.

2) The ZDP Tools of Maik Roeder and the Subject/Topic hierarchy stuff by
David Kankiewitz (if I spell his name right) are great stuff with a lot of
potential, even if they may not appear consistently on the ZDP site right
now (to say the least). There is some documentation available about them
somewhere, but Maik may be able to answer questions better.

my 2 cents


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