Gang (and Paul),

I guess my major concern (and mosts) would be that one of the reasons 
we like Python/Zope/OO is that it is not Perl and does not have all 
that quirky structure and if you introduce Perl into Zope it would be 
like throwing a pair of red socks in your white wash, we all go pink.

After some thought last night (no sleep loss) I could see it working 
in the way of a product or a Perl Method and not disturbing the DTML 
code (please don't do this).

The end result though is that if we can get the Perl community to 
start using/developing on Zope it is a big win. My inner secret hope 
is that once all the Perl Jocks see some nice Python/DTML code they 
will never want to go back. :)

Again, congrats DC... this boat is big enough for everyone. Lets talk TCL!


At 5:16 AM -0400 5/25/2000, Paul Everitt wrote:
>"J. Atwood" wrote:
>>  Stunned. Totally and utterly stunned. I would have thought there
>I'm stunned that you're stunned. :^)
>Seriously, Python and Perl are two scripting languages, similar in
>scope, both successful.  The Java market has about a thousand choices
>for app servers, whereas the Perl market's need is largely unmet.
>>  would be Java floating around in Zope's bowl before Perl! Perl?
>>  Jeeze... what a great but very scary thing. I trust that DC will do
>>  it right.
>Yes we will.  As Jim is fond of saying, we allow methods in a lot of
>languages already: Python, HTML (DTML), SQL, and soon XSLT.  The latter
>is *definately* one that will make Perl look readable. :^)
>Don't worry, this is a Good Thing.  Scripting languages should work
>together and present a strong alternative.

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