I have a dtml-method which is going to generate a data enter form like what
metapublisher is doing, but fully in dtml, now I have the following problem:

The method generate a DTML document with fieldname as its id, lable as title
and the input code as its content, its help text as help. Assume that the
field name is abc and the label is Abc and the data entry form input code
will be:

<th title="help text">Abc</th><td><input type="text:int" name="abc"
value="<dtml-var abc>"></td>

The code which is used to generate the above is :

<th title="<dtml-var help>"><dtml-var title_or_id></th><td><input
type="text:int" name="<dtml-var id>" value="????">

The problem is I don't know how ??? should be.

I have try <dtml-var <dtml-var id>> which is not acceptable by zope. If I

&lt;dtml-var <dtml-var id>>

It will generate &lt;dtml-var abc> not what required <dtml-var abc>.

I have attached the interfacew.zexp which is a folder, you create a
sub-folder for each form under it and use the interface to generate the
field objects, then you use genform to generate the form. More dtml-method
for more types were need. I would also like to hear from you about this.


Kent Sin


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