>    Well, I can see good points here. Perl methods probably will attract
> more users. But I can see bad points, too. What if my perl developer
> resigned? Should I pick up his code? I don't want, I want Python. Should I

I'm personally looking forward to being able to use Perl with Zope, so
long as the Perl support is implemented in a Zope-consistent fashion. But
I'm always used to being the odd one out ;-)

With situations like mixed-language support I'm probably going to end up
at NIP having to continue to use just Python for the benefit of others,
though there are enough Perl developers in the office to take my place
should I disappear. In fact, it might encourage some of the other
developers to take a look at Zope more, I suspect Python is putting them
off odd as that may sound.

Erm, but anyway the point is it's not compulsory to use Perl now that the
option will be available, and in most cases it would be best to ensure
developers use the same language. I use Python here in the office because
it's what everyone else uses, it's a capable language and it provides
consistency with what everyone else is doing. I doubt I'll be able to
deviate and use Perl without extremely good reasons, personal preference
won't be accepted by the others I can safely say. Eh Chris? ;-)


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