Paul Everitt wrote:
> That's [the egg] quite a strained metaphor.  I'll be pretty unequivocal.  Anyone
> that thinks we are lessening our commitment to Python (a) hasn't read
> the FAQ before reacting and (b) doesn't know us very well.
> On the other hand, we'll likely do even more things like this over the
> year: open up to COM, CORBA, etc. as method facilities.

Now, it's late, I've read the whole thread and I'm very calm, I swear.
You asked our thoughts, here are mine, with humility. A cheap market
study, you must confess ...
I'm a french speaking Belgian, excuse my strange English.

I didn't say you were lessening your commitment to Python and (a) I had
read the FAQ (b) your answer shows I'm not quite wrong about you. 

But I must admit I was not explicit enough ... (I'll come back with this
a few lines further :-)

Act 1
Why do we love Python ? Because of the Zen. "Explicit is better than
Implicit, ..." I'm sure you know Tim Peeters Classics. We love Python
because of its purity. Why were the two colorfull metaphors speaking
about white and another color ? (Red socks and yolk). White is Python.

Zope is not quite white. And most of us wanted it whitened, with age and
maturity. Do you need to be burnt to accept the stove is hot ? Then,
look at the symptom in this list : you're overwhelmed with posts you
can't answer to. Why are there so much posts ? Because there are so much
Zopistas ? I would love to think so. But I fear it's because the ZDP is
still so young (they yell for help not far from here), and you, you're
very cute Python programmers, but couldn't help but mess python purity
to get things running as you wanted. With Python, it rolls; with Zope it
sometimes roll, but then it's so good, mmmh ? There are lots of strange
features, black magic. At least for most of your users, some may have
better eyes.

And now, you think you're ready to bite in the Perl apple. I would have
think you could grow a little stronger before attracting foreign
intricacy, increasing product support needs. Python helps you, I hope
you're strong enough with such a weapon to grow up and to firm up at the
same time.
I hope you see now I'm not fighting against Perl, COM or CORBA. I fear
nor hate either. It's about you and us, your community. You do anything
to broaden your base and you say we won't be splashed ? Will we gain or
loose if you succeed in attracting Perl developers (I don't predict a
big rush, they are so shy :-) Will Zope be stronger or messier.

It's a political choice. 

If you don't fear some losses in your ranks, provided you get new strong
soldiers further, all right, that's a good choice, you're rational.
After all, product support is your job, you'll have more work
opportunities so.

If you love Python because Python is also CP4E, if you'd love Zope to be
WP4E (Web Publication for Everybody), you're running too fast. From here
where I sit, it looks like the RedHat Syndrom. I hope I'm wrong. I hope
it's just because I'm getting old and I fear that juvenile impatience. 

Explicit is better than Implicit.

I give you the mike, tell us what your priorities are, what you do want
to achieve. So, you'll be "unequivocal", we'll know you better. "The
synergy between the decision to go open source and the increase in
revenue is direct. It's astounding," Everitt said(*). What next ?
Lucrative open source or real Zen ?
(*) Linux Journal

Denis Frère
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