Chris Withers wrote:
> Check out:
> I like these ideas a lot, but I'd prefer to see the low-level email
> integration done seperately, so it can be used for other things.

I don't quite see why MailHost isn't "low level integration"

> My dream would be for Zope to pipe an email address to a specific
> object/method without the need for any external mail servers or
> scripts...

Making Zope an MTA seems like a lot of extra work.  Now, Zope as an IMAP
server I could get my head around...
> ZMailman could then very easily be built on top of this. However, if
> ZMailman is built, I suspect it'd be difficult to use the core
> functionality to do something else. What is the email equivalent of
> Medusa? And can we 'borrow' it in the same way?

Well... I think that it's probably the shortest route to a functioning
zope archive to use mailman-  already written in python, and modular
enough that we should be able to take it one step at a time.

Note that no mailing list software I know of tries to be an MTA.  With
sooo many different implementation issues, making zope an MTA would be a
big challenge, IMNSHO.

Of course, if it were to show up, I don't think I'd complain.

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