Hello Zope-people,

I'm writing a LoginManager plugin for a quiz-taking website, and I have
cookies which expire after a manager-defined time. If someone's taking a
quiz for longer than the cookie duration and their cookie expires,
they're going to have to relogin, but I would rather not lose what data
they've entered already.  I have a separate login page so it can be
under SSL, and I adapted the given loginForm and took it's ability to
maintain GET data by passing the QUERY_STRING variable onto the
login-success page and reconstructing the URL there and redirecting to

This works great, but I'd rather not limit people to passing things in
GET, for various reasons (quiz answers showing up in the browser
history, requests being too large, etc.).  But I don't know what the
variables are beforehand, so I can't just pass them along. Is there any
way to pass along all of the POSTed variables through the login page so
that I can redirect to the desired page later with the values intact? Is
this a lost cause? I don't mind if it would require Python to do it, but
is it even possible? I have no idea how to tackle that, but I didn't
even know about the QUERY_STRING variable before I saw the LoginManager
DTML, so maybe there is hope.

Of course, I'm not even sure this would even work HTML-wise, since I
don't know a way to pass GET data and do a redirect at the same time.
May not be possible (is there a workaround for that?)

Oh, and I have absolutely no opinion on Perl ;-)


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