On Fri, 26 May 2000, Andrew H. Chatham wrote:

> This works great, but I'd rather not limit people to passing things in
> GET, for various reasons (quiz answers showing up in the browser
> history, requests being too large, etc.).  But I don't know what the
> variables are beforehand, so I can't just pass them along. Is there any
> way to pass along all of the POSTed variables through the login page so
> that I can redirect to the desired page later with the values intact? Is
> this a lost cause? I don't mind if it would require Python to do it, but
> is it even possible? I have no idea how to tackle that, but I didn't
> even know about the QUERY_STRING variable before I saw the LoginManager
> DTML, so maybe there is hope.

I almost got around to doing this for GUF. It would involve interrogating
REQUEST.form, and generating a load of hidden controls.

One problem to be solved is that in some cases Zope will have messed
with your form data before your code sees it (The name="myname:int" 
notation). It would be possible to handle some of these cases using
an external method to interrogate the data type and generate the correct
<input type=hidden name="myname:int"> code, but I can't see how to
handle :record or :method etc.

> Oh, and I have absolutely no opinion on Perl ;-)

We will finally have a way of handling regular expressions without
resorting to external methods :-)

I can't program in Perl any more. I keep forgetting my semicolons :-(

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