> > then educate people as to how to use YNPLOC in
> > a way that matches the Zope philosophy.
>    Ha, "educate people"! Educate people not to use Windows? Educate them at
> least not to be beaten by ILOVEYOE virus? Anyone succeede in this educating?

A lot of people use Windows because they either aren't aware of
alternatives or don't understand the alternatives. I've shown people
alternatives to Windows, and some times it's worked, other times it
hasn't. Education done well can work wonders, but I wouldn't say it works
all the time - some people are never going to listen. :-(

The important thing, IMHO, is to make the effort to get people to
understand the philosophy behind Zope. Some people are going to ignore it
irrespective, but many could well take notice and be "saved" from doing
the wrong thing. If you don't try, those people will slip through the net
and end up charging into Zope the wrong way.


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