Ken Manheimer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On 25 May 2000, Roman Milner wrote:
> > Well, my point is that I don't think you will be able to ignore it.
> > Your boss will give you a product to maintain that includes someone
> > else's perl code - sooner or later.

My boss isn't going to suddenly tell me that I'm now either a perl
developer or unemployed, because he hired me for my judgement &
decision skills as well as my keyboard pounding skills.  If your boss
didn't hire you for that reason - well, its an excellent time to be a
skilled IT worker looking for a job.  & if your boss doesn't value
your intelligence and also wants you to suddenly hack perl, then your
boss didn't read your resume.

& to reinforce what Ken says:

> For all of you that love Python, and testify to either leaving perl
> with great relief or not being willing to learn it in the first place
> - why don't you trust your judgement?

It's also an even more excellent time to be a sklled Zopista looking
for a job.  Find a good place looking to start a Zope project, build
them a site, & you'll be deciding whether to use Perl products or not.

I can understand the fear of dilluting a good clean python/C
environment with evil dirty perl, but if I didn't think that a Zope
environment will continue to be a good place to be, I'd already have a
different email address.

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