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From: Karl Ulbrich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: vrijdag 26 mei 2000 21:49
Subject: Re: [Zope] Zope Email (syndication)

>> Well... I think that it's probably the shortest route to a functioning
>> zope archive to use mailman-  already written in python, and modular
>> enough that we should be able to take it one step at a time.
>In browsing the MailMan lists, I recall reading about someone
>setting up an archiver script that received each mail message
>and saved it into Zope via WebDAV, so each msg became a document.
>I didn't save the link, but that might be the *fastest* way to
>get started with archiving (and potentially indexing, etc) mail
>in Zope:
> - script (in Python, of course!) receives mail, or add to Mailman
> - script talks WebDAV, and saves it into a folder (or
>   subfolder by-date?) in Zope
> - this becomes a DTML document -- I don't know enoug Zope
>   yet to know if this could be a customized/subclassed DTML
>   doc that was smart enough to parse RFC822, save
>   fielded and raw search info into ZCatalog, etc).
> - everything Zope can do with a collection of items is yours!
>This sounded cool to me...  Anyone going to try?

Not me. I just wanted to add that imho saving an rfc822 object (using the
standard python module) might not be a bad idea. I used it for a product
(using bobo that was, I changed it after ZOpe came) that eats a Netscape
inbox, by way of a maillists digest.

And what about an XML derivative of the rfc822?


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