Paul Everitt wrote:
> Howdy gang.  Below is an announcement that we'll start distributing over
> the next 24 hours.  I wanted to let you folks see it first.  In summary:
> Perl Methods.


I think this is a great idea. Here's why.

One of the big ideas in Zope is that 
objects can be written in many languages. Python
methods are good for logic, DTML (and soon XSLT)
methods are good for presentation, SQL is good for 
RDBMS queries, and so on.  

The strength or "goodness" of a language is based 
on it's suitabilty for a kind of problem *and*
it's suitability for a kind of problem solver. There 
is no one-size-fits-all language, either for problems
or problem solvers.

Perl methods will be a good thing for Zope 
because Perl is extremely suitable for a large
class of problems and problem solvers.  The fact 
that it overlaps with Python does not really make 
it less a good thing, any more than the overlap
of DTML and XSLT makes XSLT less than a good thing
for Zope.

(I used Perl *alot* several years ago before I 
 used Python. Perl helped me solve alot of hard
 problems with relative ease and I am indepted to 
 Larry Wall and others who made it possible.

 I happen to prefer Python personally, but I 
 respect Perl and the people who use and
 maintain it.)

Obviously, extensive perl libraries are a huge
opportunity for Zope.

In the future, I'd be happy (and expect) to see
other languages supported, XQL, TCL, PHP, lisp, 
Fortran, ..... :)


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