> am using windows 98 & have constructed a ms access 2000 db that i have been
> trying to connect to via zope. wasn't sure so i downloaded zodbc db adapter.

You will need something like the Z ODBC Database Connection.  Someone has also 
contributed a direct
Jet Zope DA product, which should be better overall, but I do not know if there are 
any issues
connecting to Access 2000 with it (the author has posted on the list recently, so I am 
sure he is on
the case here).

> a couple of problems if my connection depends on this. 1st i add it to the
> top level of the zope installation but it is installed lower down

With the similar, and very simple, stuff that I have done so far, I have put the 
database connection
instance in the Zope root, so that it is available globally (through aquisition).  
Err, I don't
understand your question.

> & 2nd i
> require a id & password to connect to my zope applications so do i need to
> put in a connection string & if so where?

Access does not normally need a connection string, so you can leave this blank.  I 
have come across
Access applications where username/password authentication was required, but I do not 
know how this
is done, and with Access <= Office 97 it is not the default.

> at the moment the only db it is
> giving me access to is the gadfly demo. do i even need the zodbc adapter?

Only if you want to work through ODBC. Database-specific adaptors will give you better 
and possibly access to facilities that are not available through ODBC (which is a
lowest-common-denominator solution), but ZODBC will give you access to a larger number 
of database
types.  It would probably be worth boning up on ODBC before continuing, to get clear 
about the
issues (Internet search for "ODBC", in particular Microsoft should have a good 
overview, but there
are many independent suppliers producing good tools and documentation).


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