Graham Chiu wrote:

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> >these problems were was only a problem initially caused by an
> >upgrade.
> >
> Hi,
> A couple of other things.  On your front page, the non-hilighted 'demo'
> image is broken.  If you go to there are more broken images.
> You may not be seeing them if they're in your cache.

> Also, your shopping cart is still broken.
> Try this
> 1. select an image and place into cart.
> 2. go to check out
> 3. don't enter any details and click on buy
> 4. It then asks for credit card details - when it shouldn't really allow you
> this far
> 5. Then just keep backing out and the cart empties out :-(
> I downloaded the latest checkout but haven't had to a chance to see where
> the bug is.

Ok...I found the bug that allows you to buy without entering any details  I can
fix it.

Yes, after you have entered the checkout, you cannot back out.  This was just will be fixed.

> Otherwise it looks quite good, though I would prefer a solution that uses a
> relational database to save data. ( My own Zope Ecommerce site has about
> 24,000 items which would be a bit painful to add items using a through the
> web interface. )

We didn't use a relational database because it is way too is too complex for
the intended use of the product.  The idea behind e-tailer was to have an
ecommerce product which is extremely simple and quick to setup.   Setting up a
shop is as simple as adding an e-tailer from the manage screen of a folder.  It
takes less that 5 minutes to have the shop fully setup and ready to go and
accepting secure credit information.  I don't know of any other ecommerce
products that are that easy to setup.   Besides, there are no easy ways to
manipulate an SQL backend like we do with the e-tailer catalog.  Things like
adding and remove product properties, and giving properties to categories that
all the products within that category will aquire, and having products and
categories aquiring template styles, etc.  This is all very difficult if not
impossible to acheive with a flat relational database.

We never intended for e-tailer to hold 24000 items!  Although i dont see any
problem with this.  We have done some tests with over 50000 cataloged items in
a zodb and searching was fine.  I agree that adding 24000 items through a web
interface would be painful ;-)  We need to create a tool that can upload items
from other storages so that this kind of process can be speed up.

Having said all that, we are looking at possibly integrating a backend
relational database.

Any more feedback is greatly appreciated! ;-)


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