On Tue, May 30, 2000 at 06:33:23PM -0400, Graham Heyes wrote:
> Hello,
>    I have been using Zope to set up a new web site for documentation and 
> maintainance os a large software project. Until now I have been using a 
> combination of LocalFS and ftp to edit content. Neither method is 
> perfect especially since I often work from my laptop at home which is on 
> the wrong side of the firewall and can't get ftp to work.
>    Just the other day I discovered WebDav and life looks much better. I 
> can tunnel my connection to port 8080 through ssh and manage my Zope 
> site from home. One problem remains:
> When I use "get" or "edit" to get a DTML method (web page in my case) 
> from the site I get a page with all the DTML tags expanded.  This is 
> clearly useless to me since I don't want to edit the rendered DTML but 
> the original code. Am I doing something wrong (I hope so) if so what 
> should I do?
> I am using Zope 1.whatever but also tried Zope2. I am running on RedHat 
> Linux 6.1 with Apache web server but I point the WebDAV tools at 
> http://localhost:8080/ i.e. the ZServer. I have tried the "cadaver" 
> command line tool and "DAVExplorer" java application with the same result.

This is because according to the WebDAV spec, documents are retrieved using a
plain 'GET' command, which is exactly the same as what browsers do.

However, the spec also provides for a way to find out where to get the source
of the document found at a specific URL, via the so-called Source Link. Zope
provides this link, but I have yet to find a client that'll honour it and give
you easy access to it.

The relevant sections in the WebDAV spec are:



Now, I haven't seen either WebDAV client, if they support this feature, please
let us know!

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