Shane Hathaway wrote:

[snip wiki change notification]

What's does NetMind actually do?

The problem I see here is getting an email everytime someone hits
update, which can mean you get a storm of emails when a coupla people
edit a Wiki.

I thought of a Zope-based solution for this but haven't had time to
implement, not to mention it requires product that's bust:

The idea is to only get notified once a day when a Wiki _Web_ has been

The folder the web is in would have a lines-type property containing the
email addresses of everyone 'subscribed' to that web. And a flag called
changed... any page changes, the flag gets set.

Once a day (needs ZScheduler :( ) a method goes and checks the flag,
compiles a message containing links to all the pages that have changed
(including being created or deleted...) and mails it to everyone in the

Anyone want to implement it? ;-)



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