Peter, you can change this in the Python file
lib/python/OFS/ here:

    def manage_importObject(self, file, REQUEST=None):
        """Import an object from a file"""
        dirname, file=os.path.split(file)
        if dirname:
            raise 'Bad Request', 'Invalid file name %s' % file
        file=os.path.join(INSTANCE_HOME, 'import', file)
        if not os.path.exists(file):
            raise 'Bad Request', 'File does not exist: %s' % file

change the line that says "file = os.path.join(INSTANCE_HOME, 'import',
file) to the location you'd like the file to be imported from.  the
INSTANCE_HOME variable points at the root dir of the zope install. 
Change it to something else... for more info, read the Python docs on
"os.path" at

peter be wrote:
> Is it possible and how to change the folder that the Zope interface use for 
>importing zexp files?
> I "host" friends on my Zope site, but I can't let them have access to my import 
>folder which is in C:\Program\Zopesite\import
> At the moment my friends have to email me their zexp files, if they for example want 
>to upload something they've been working on locally.
> Can I not edit the line where the Zope source code says that it expects zexp files 
> Ex.
> From:
> importfolder = C:\Program\Zopesite\import
> To:
> importfolder = D:\otherdomain\or\host\folder
> Or:
> importfolder = ""
> Ideas?
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